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The mythical world of Gray

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Fact or Fiction: Popular Gray Hair Myths

Source:  Frederica Hegney

If you’re starting to get gray hair, then it’s likely that you’ve identified the culprit as stress. Whether it’s pressure to perform in an increasingly competitive corporate world or the anxiety that comes with being exposed to numerous headlines about the sorry state of the economy, it’s no wonder more people associate having grey hair with a stressful lifestyle.

However, while many experts have repeated espoused the theory that there’s no real connection between stress and gray hair, recent research has proved that your first instinct is right. In fact, numerous studies and surveys have discovered a powerful link between stress and grey hair. When we experience rising levels of stress, our bodies produce more hydrogen peroxide, which is then accumulated into our hair follicles. As a result of this increase in hydrogen peroxide levels, the enzymes that are primarily responsible for repairing hair follicles (MSRA and MSRB) are deactivated, leading to melanocyte death. This then allows the hydrogen peroxide to effectively bleach the hair follicles, resulting in a stressed-out silver mane.


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Amazing Gray Hair
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