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  • Race and hair

    Posted by muriel / on 07/26/2011 / 0 Comments

    How do other groups view black or African American Hair - click on the link below

  • Diet and going gray

    Posted by muriel / on 06/03/2011 / 0 Comments

    Does diet contribute to going gray? Perhaps some of the foods we eat are causing us to go gray, or does lack of exercise contribute as well?


    See excerpt of  article below - Read More Here

    Source:  UnPublish Info

    Have you ever before uneasy that the dietary habits may very well be leading to gray hair? Are you anxious that some with the food you eat might not be very good for scalp health? From a scientific standpoint, the situation could be complex. Gray hair can be a reality of living, and only a lucky several can prevent it ..

  • Gray Haired Folks invading Social Network Sites

    Posted by muriel / on 06/03/2011 / 0 Comments

    Source:  Newsweek


    Here is an interesting article on social networks and how graying users are increasing their numbers and presence on these platforms.

     According to Newsweek - within 2 years, the 55-64 year crowd increased in the use and having a presence on social networks, from 9 per cent to a whopping 43 percent...while older folks, about 33 percent of 65-73 year olds are on Facebook, tripling the numbers who used the site in 2008; 16 percent of the 70+ folks use social networks, up 4 per cent from 2008...


  • Experiences with going gray - Jennifer Lopez

    Posted by muriel / on 04/16/2011 / 0 Comments

    Source -

    Jennifer+Lopez in Jennifer Lopez Visits Extra
    Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez arrives to a taping of "Extra" at The Grove on March 3, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. (Getty Images)more pics »Jennifer Lopez
    American culture has long satirized the first time a woman finds a gray hair on her head. Usually, she's older and makes a big fuss about it. But for some ethnicities, grays sprout up earlier than others—way earlier. 

    Jennifer Lopez has admitted to getting her first gray hair at 23! She says:
    My mum and my dad both went grey at a young age and I ..

  • Weaving and Braiding Wreak Havoc on Hair Study Shows

    Posted by muriel / on 04/13/2011 / 0 Comments

     Source: CNN Health

    Weaves and braids may contribute to a type of permanent hair loss that appears to be common among black women, a new study has found.

    More than one-quarter of the 326 black women who participated in the study had hair loss on the top of their scalp, and of those women, 59 percent had signs of central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia, or CCCA, a poorly understood form of baldness that begins at the crown of the head and leads to scarring.

    For many years, CCCA was known as "hot comb alopecia" because it was attributed to the use ..


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