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When she saw her first strands of gray hair, she thought she'd dye.

Art by Valy; design by Ashton Franklin

Here we deal with the challenges, experiences, struggles, joy of our hair as we age; and confront our behaviour with our hair as it relentlessly takes us on our journey of going gray/grey.

There are the weaves, the wigs, the braids, the go-bare heads, all embedded in color either as baseline on which to support these decisions whether to weave, wear a wig, braid, shave it all off...these behaviours become normative in so much that it continues when the baseline hair is becoming grayer and greyer...

Muriel Glasgow shares with us her experiences, challenges, joys, struggles as she wove her way through life managing her gray - which also became a metaphor for managing her life - in her new book "Amazing Gray Hair - Confronting the Cover-ups"

We invite you to share your experiences as well as we are seeking stories for for possible inclusion in the final product.

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